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Thursday, February 25, 2010


Yes, it has a name.
Hyperemesis or Hyperemesis Gravidarum is what I have.
(click on the name to read more about it)

I'm pregnant with our third child and just can't function.
No, I'm not a weakly wimp who can't handle a little morning sickness. I have the most extreme form there is. And although I'm not in the least bit excited about it in any way (the sickness that is), I am a little relieved that there is a name for it and I'm not alone. Unfortunately it is rare, but not unheard of.

I'm thankful for my doctor who recognized it right away and has been aggressively and actively trying to battle this with me. He ROCKS!

After 5 different medications and being in the hospital twice, constant passing out, vomiting get the idea...he has set me up with a home nursing company. They have me hooked to an infusion pump so I can receive a steady dose of medicine 24/7 . I'm also hooked on the other side to an IV so no more trips to the hospital (hopefully, those beds are so uncomfy).

Now my new treatment isn't just peaches and cream (you know, all around yummy and good). It comes with many side effects and downfalls. For instance the first medicine didn't work. They have me on a second medicine (they only do the 2) which works better but leaves huge red painful welts on my skin where the catheter is inserted, so we have to change the site of the catheter at least everyday. And that's no fun. It's an inch long needle that gets stabbed into my stomach then retracted, leaving the catheter in place (lovely, I know). And it still takes about 3 days before the welt starts to fade and not hurt anymore. My poor tummy looks (and feels) like it was stung by 50 bees.
My veins kept collapsing when the nurse tried to put in my IV (common in dehydration) so she ended up having to put it in the crook of my arm. So now I can't bend my elbow. Do you have any idea how hard it is, day and night, to not bend your elbow? Take it from me, HARD!

I'm a hilariously ridiculous site right now. Tubes going every which way, rat nested hair, no make up, confined to my bed...but do I care. No! Because I got to see my new little one in an ultrasound and he/she is PERFECT. I got to see the little face, little arms moving around and even got a picture of his/her little hand...all those adorable teeny tiny fingers!
And that makes all of this worth every second!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

And the winner is.....

Sorry this is a little late guys. I've been bouting an awful case of walking pneumonia that is trying desperately to turn into full blown regular pneumonia. Add 2 sick kids to my mix and obviously my internet free time has been seriously depleted. But alas I want to be sure that one of you has a very merry "Mother Load" style Christmas so without further ado...

The winner of a fabulous Outback Steakhouse gift card is....

*drum roll*

Sherri H. from Tennessee! Who wrote in with her fabulous holiday tradition of wrapping the door and having the children tear through it on Christmas morning. How very "game day"! I love this idea and am now wishing I had a little doorway to our family room to do it to. I don't think this would bode well on the stairs.... hmmmm....

Well Sherri, congratulations. All you have to do now is email me your address so I can mail you your yummy gift card.

In the event that Sherri from Tennessee does not respond we will have a runner-up for the gift card. And that person is....

Michelle F. who wrote in about her family tradition of exchanging ornaments. (I need your address as well if I don't hear from Sherri).

Congratulations you guys!

(Winners were chosen by random drawing)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Contest Entry #16

We always have our traditional tree with a hodge-podge of ornaments that we use for Santa.
But we also have a special tree that we do our family presents under.

The tree itself (evergreen) represents that he lives, forever, and with his birth and crucifixion we could not live forever with him.
It is decorated in small candles (battery powered) to remind us that Jesus is the light of the world, and also to remind us that it was the only lighting in the humble stable where this king was born.
Little wooden angels to represent the angel that came and spoke to the shepherds and told them to "Fear not for Christ is born" and the many angels who sang his praises in the skies that holy night.
Small wrapped boxes to signify that His life is a gift to us, and everyday we serve Him and live His commandments is our gift to Him.
Holly which symbolizes his whole life - white flowers for His purity and lack of sin, red berries for the blood He shed, prickly leaves for His crown of thorns, and the bitter bark for His suffering on the cross.
And finally a star on top to remind us of the star that led everyone to him that night, and to remind us to live by his will so we can always find our way to him as well.

We do family gifts under this tree to remind us that through him our family will be strong and happy and live together forever in Heaven with him.

Emily K.

Christmas Contest Entry #15

On Christmas Day my sisters and I always snuggle up and sing along to "The Sound of Music".

Jennifer B.

Christmas Contest Entry #14

We are a military family, so we take our 4-year-old, Frankie, shopping for gifts for a kid who doesn't have so many toys; he wraps them and then we bring them to the Marines' toy drive.
Lara T. WA

Christmas Contest Entry #13

We take wrapping paper and wrap up the doorway into our living room. On Christmas, the kids line up and on the count of three, run through the paper.
Sherri H. TN

Christmas Contest Entry #12

My mom used to leave a small wrapped present next to our beds. We loved waking up and believing that Santa had snuck into our rooms. Now my two little boys seem to love it too.

Jennifer M.

Christmas Contest Entry #11

The highlight of our Christmas Eve is an elaborate treasure hunt, ending when the kids discover a chest full of candies, cookies, stickers, and a present for each of them.

We do the same for New Years except the chest is full of glittering hats and noise makers. Then we count down to a sparkling cider New Years toast - at 8 pm

Erin B. NC

Christmas Contest Entry #10

On Christmas Eve our whole extended family gets together and we have the children dress up and recreate the nativity scene as Grandpa reads the story of the birth of Christ from Luke in the Bible. I love it because not only do the children get to play a role in this wonderful history, but they also get to learn and see first hand what happened that sacred night.
After this we always have cookies and hot chocolate and sing carols.

Ellen R.

Christmas Contest Entry #9

Each Christmas Eve our family remembers our loved ones who have passed away. Their pictures are placed on the mantel, surrounded by evergreen, the symbol of eternal life. Then we all sit and reminisce together, sharing laughter and tears. Someone always share's a letter they've written to the person now in heaven.
I know some people think this is a morbid tradition, but it isn't really. It helps us to feel that the people we miss are still a part of our family celebration. Otherwise we'd be pretending we didn't long for them to be with us, when we really do. This way our sorrow is acknowledged- and it becomes a part of our joy.
When you think about it, what better time than Christmas to affirm our belief that death is not the end? After all, the birth of Christ is what brought us eternal life.
Donna M.